Betting on the Russian market - the first fallen - Desenzano Camping Village

Russian BC announced to stop betting. The reason was the cancellation of major sporting events due pandemic coronavirus. Work will be resumed after the situation with the conduct of sports normalized.

 The press service of bookmaker hastened to assure that all customers will receive payment of their rates. Previously, the company’s management reported that due to the difficult situation on the market betting shop operator reoriented to eSports, as traditional sports format is currently not possible.

 ESports section was introduced in February. In this case, the central place was given to the discipline of Dota 2. The greatest number of bet lines is necessary on this game.

 For example, users can predict the number of people killed Roshan, as well as the number of collected runes that provide wealth. Fans can also predict the number of destroyed barracks and towers, or a variety of other positions.

 This approach has allowed BC to improve your ranking and take the third position in the ranking of betting companies, according resource.

 On the proposal of the first SRO on implementation of anti-crisis measures in the industry can be read here.

 We remind that Mikalai Oganezov shared his thoughts on how market operators can do in respect of its employees given the complexity of the situation.

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